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Hi everyone,

Since i’ve created my steemit blog page, i’ve thought that it would be great that people should be able to follow me there too via my website page.

You can find a page of mine in a Renaissance Futuristic form where all the blogs created are providing in return the so called: steem coin/ SBD steem backed dollars and SP steem power.

Feel free to join the platform.

There are also connected, two forms of decentralized virtual platforms as a substitution for what people used to know as soundcloud and youtube, and they are called dsound and dtube. Here are my steemit blog page link and the other 2 pages of dsound and dtube:!/@luciannagy!/c/luciannagy

Feel free and enjoy a glimpse of a composition in a maqam Saba way with some improvised moments.

It’s been created on turkish Kiz ney and it’s on a style of Saba saz semaisi.

Saba saz semaisi it’s an instrumental form in the old ottoman classical music. It was typically the closing movement of a fasıl, so called a suite.

The saz semaisi typically used the usul, the so called rhythmic structure, called as aksak semai. Enjoy listening the wonderful World of the turkish ney.

With Blessings from a humble apprentice from whitin the vast world of turkish ney.!/@luciannagy/20180723t140648368z-my-saba-saz-semaisi-composition-on-turkish-ney-by-lucian-nagy

Tesekurler/Toda Raba/ Grazie a tutti


Thanks for your visit to my website and also for the visit to my pages connected under the blog channel of steemit.

Stay tuned, more things to come soon.

Shalom to you all steemians from Planet Earth                                                                       

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