Saxophones (sopranino/soprano/ alto/ tenor/ baritone),

Flute, clarinet / bass clarinet,

EWI (electric wind instrument)


 Ethnic instruments:

Turkish ney, bulgarian kaval, armenian duduk & pku, egyptian kawla & yarghul,

Indian bansuri & shehnai, chinese hulusi & dizi/xiao flute, shakuhachi, irish whistles



  Djembe, pandeiro, talking drum, berimbau,

 Caxixi, african/brazilian agogo bells, shekere



Ethnic instruments, such as the turkish neys, were created and offered to Lucian Nagy under a  status of endorsement by a great master of ney in Istanbul and also a great luthier, named Eymen Gurtan. 

 The bulgarian kavals were carved and built for Lucian Nagy under the same status of endorsement by the great luthier from Bulgaria, Victor Terziyski.

The egyptian kawlas & yarghuls were built and offered under endorsement status by the great luthier from Cairo, named Saber Ali.

As an experiment, Lucian started also to build his own ethnic instruments, developing new sound textures.



Since the year 2013 he signed a contract of endorsement with the great company Audio Technica.