New musical project – Pământ was live — at on.set.hdv.

Last night i can say it was a blast … our first “live-streaming” concert … especially after this cool period of time in which we’ve just practiced, composed and enjoyed our creative lives … The on.set.hdv place was a very professional place, which for me was a good surprise to see that professional studios like these are still in bussiness and alive.

Therefore, let’s start this short musical adventure and i do hope everyone will follow my links related to our #art and #music and will follow us in the Future … Now, that mostly the main scene will be inside the virtual space …

Our introspection starts here …

My shadow … playing on turkish ney …


And, as we all know … a concert starts with some preparations … in a sort of technical terms it’s called “soundcheck” 🙂

The first destination … I know it sounds like Star Trek episode for most of the musicians … AND the most funky part is that everything starts with a “spaghetti bolognese” recipe made with cables :-))


The groove must be established by a very cool and futuristic drum set which has some insertions of electronic devices and effects processors …


While last night from 10 pm i’ve had this live streamed concert with an awesome ensemble lead by Mircea Ardeleanu Jr. i’ve thought to share a small glimpse of our music …

… and whoever … who will be interested to watch/listen our concert, feel free and visit the following link:

You can as well, follow our page on facebook


The band members are:

Maria Hojda / voice
Florin Gruia / violin
Sergiu Catana / drums
Marcelle Poaty-Souami / clape
Mircea Ardeleanu Jr. / bansuri, bass, voice
Lucian Nagy – bulgarian kaval
Mihai Neagoe / sound engineer


Enjoy the music …

Also for those who would like to offer #tron for our music, you can do it here:

We are very happy to be present inside on music platforms from the new #blockchain such as #vibravid …

Soon, i’ll keep you posted with new musical materials created with this awesome project and we’ll post more music inside all these new musical crypto spaces.

Much appreciated for your support …