My journey with Audio Technica – Microphones/Earphones endorsement

Happy to tell you about this awesome thing that happened to me started back in 2013 … By that time i was recording a lot as a remote studio session musician. I’ve got the chance to get the offer to sign this contract of endorsement with this awesome company, Audio Technica.

Awesome products in matter of microphones for studio or for live recordings and concerts, and also great earphones. This photo was taken during a recording session. Enjoy the background as well 🙂




I was using the AT 4050 microphone for studio recordings and the ATH-M50x as earphones. I do recommend all the products in matter of studio gear or for live concerts as well. I have tried both products and they’re simply awesome. So, you can have an idea of how it sounds a recording on an AT4050 microphone for studio, you can listen this composition of mine that appears on our Tribe album.

It’s entitled “Afreeindian Journey”.


For all the musicians out there, i simply recommend to try Audio Technica’s products. You’ll enjoy them for the quality of the sound captured during recordings, even if it’s in studio or live concerts.

Make the difference, don’t go with the masses in matter of sound/gear/concept and so on … This is my humble advice …

Regards steemians and i can say once again that i’m happy to be part of this world of Audio Technica and to have the privilege to be endorsed by this company.


Regards and you can listen/PURCHASE/resteem/Share on other ways my album with Balkumba Tribe, which was recorded with AT4050 🙂