Steem/Steemit/Steemians … stop checking the price of bitcoin/steem coin … enjoy the major step for the Future and create


Regards steemians,

I’ve read this period lots of blogs filled with panic … where’s going the steem coin or steem backed dollar … will btc collapse ? and many other concerns …

IF you’re here to become a millionaire just from one photo or a composition or anny other form of art posted … let me tell you something … this is not going to happen’over night … if the process of composing a symphonie takes time, the steemit process takes time too … if love takes time … steemit takes time too :-))

Enjoy your lives steemians, anniway we’re happy to be part of an era in the history of mankind that we’ll remember sometime in the Future … and maybe we’ll just have a sarcatisc or a cold smile on our faces … having a different knowledge ’bout what’s the meaning of “steeming” for a True Life 🙂

Just take some cool photos from our Earth/Hearth’s Nature, compose a song with meaning, carve something cool in a precious wood, tell a story experienced in a good sense of matter … and so on …

Have a Blessed Time here on Steemit Planet, steemians

Regards to you all

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Regards to you all steemians