Never judging annyone’s Art/Music … My today experience … on “feisbuciumata planet”

Today i’ve had my first adventure, if i can call it like that, which actually showed me a small “mirror” at the beginning, of the so called “nowadays artists”, but actually behind this whole non-sense reaction of that person ( i won’t say the name) , for me was sure that it is actually the biggest “mirror” of the humans or the pre-fabricated artists, who are suddenly over the Night a singer, a music producer … 

So … after i’ve started my awesome Journey with Musicoin and Choon, i’ve started to send my links to my fellow-musicians ( maybe you’ve seen i’ve shared them several times via my blogs here on steemit as well)

I think this is the normal way to do it, sorry cause the developers invented that crazy refferal link 😉 but other wise how to promote/sustain your music, or to share it with your friends, musicians, or however you want to name this slice of music spectrum. 

Until now, i’ve seen, most of the people were embracing the new era i’ve presented, in matter of where the whole blockchain is heading in music as well, but of course i know most of the musicians are, either, skeptical, mad, looking weird to this, and mainly, ignorant, which is the most common’thing, in my humble opinion. So, who likes it and wanted to step inside this futuristic world, was always, and still, they are very welcomed. 🙂

Today, came out actually, one of the 1st persons on my fb page, which i’ve added very recently, but it’s funny, it’s the only one, annointed about my links and the fact that i’m promoting my music like this. Then, i’ve realised ( like nowadays i think almost every “facebuciumat” or in english “face-agitated” is doing … and as i’ve always said, i do hope on steemit won’t start to be people that are just scrolling and don’t read/listen/watching video and so on, and will not act, just from a perspective of a fb-person) I know it sounds weird, but one of the so called artist from that platform, came out and complained to me 🙂 Since i’m adding people or accepting people on my lists, i’m always checking their music/art and try to understand it. In this case, i’ve realised right away, that this person, was not even checking my music, webpage and my musicoin page at least to know what i’m creating, just smashing the virtual door of the messenger … Why i’m sustaining ” Never judge annyone’s music” cause … most of the artists ( and expecially the ones who were supposing to sustain each others causes are actually the mickey dees … and act based on ego/ignorance/hate and so on … not all … but almost, always … there’s one in the house) I was listening the music of this person, and as i’ve said, when you’re listening someone’s albums, you should get the “state of soul/mind” of that artist and to understand its story ( if there’s one in his/her album) and never judge like most artists are doing, by chasing “wrong notes”/silly problems 😉 but, enjoying and as i’ve said, trying to understand the true story behind the song. This was for me the justified moment when that artist was on fight mode, without checking my music/art/creation 🙂 not mention, to sustain it at least in clicking on one of my compositions presented va the tracks on musicoin, wha to say more then, in buying some of my albums :-)) 

On that very deep moment of conversation ( if i can call a bloody chat with someone, a conversation) i’ve realized the important aspect of depersonalization, when we know that if someone is disagreeing with you, or it makes your life difficult with their opinions, tipically it’s not about us, and it’s about that persons frustration, sorry, but like W.Smith said : “because in all honesty, everyone is struggling, some people are better at hiding it than others”. Most of the artists ( maybe more than 90 % and expecially if you’re your won artistic entrepreneur) nowadays are struggling. So, i’ve thought to myself :-)) What a wonderful World :-)) Kidding … I’ve thought to myself that most of the artists from today, maybe won’t embrace or try to understand the new futuristic blockchain that is growing in the artistic sphere as well. Maybe that’s why some artists when they are receiving my links or some other links from other fellow-artists, are getting mad and they start to get in the defensive mode and react … 

This thing, with the judging perspective of the artists nowadays, reminded me some stories from the Past, when some of the fans/audience were absent from your musical journey, or maybe sometimes, you, as an artist, stay somewhere hidden’and you’re re-discovering you new inner voices and start to compose, from different angles of sound colours, even like in my case, you’re learning ( or maybe from ancestral times) re-learning some of the awesome ethnic instruments, such as bulgarian kaval, duduk, turksih ney, egyptian kawla, indian bansuri, shehnai and so on … and suddenly, people ( after one year or two) are appearing at one of your concerts … and …. guess what???


It’s not annymore … “that” old artist they knew!!! … no more, only trumpet playing or piano … now are totally “new” colours … and this is the danger of judging an artist, from the point where you’ve left him, and never understanding, why he took this Path, why is composing this new music and so on … I do hope people and expecially the artists will wake-up and stop judging the others and take care of their Paths. Maybe the “mass” media should stop this silly tv-shows with the voice, and all those pushing styles of getting people famous upon “cover-music” and people would start to taste the real Art, and we can say the same for this silly social media, which created pre-fabricated artists all arround this virtual world … maybe people should start to understand and accept their place in this Universe. 

Thank you, dear person from “the feisbuciumata planet” for showing me today how “not to be”


I wish you all a Blessed Evening/Day/Morning steemians. Regards and enjoy some music:


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