My egyptian kawla – carved by the great luthier Saber Ali from Egypt and my cryptonian pages to register on Choon/Musicoin/Glamjet

Regards to you all steemians,

Hope you’re all cool and had a great week. I’ve thought to introduce you into the vast world of middle-eastern music through my egyptian kawla.

Here is a video with me playing the amazing egyptian kawla, carved for me by the great luthier Saber Ali from Cairo.!/v/luciannagy/c2naow5b

You can listen the great kawla player and luthier, Saber Ali as well, here via this video:


Here’s a short description and introduction into the ancient world of the egyptian flute, named “kawla”. In the link bellow you can listen a song that i’ve composed for this amazing instrument, named kawla on our Tribe’s album. The name of the composition is Gnawango.

The kawla is an end-blown flute used in arabic/middle eastern music. It is similar to the arabic ney and the turkish ney but has six finger holes, while the ney has seven, including one in the back.

The kawla comes in up to nine different sizes, according to the maqam scales that will be used in the music.

I’ve thought to launch this blog and ask you people, if you would be interested in exchanging ideas in matter of music. It might be possible, even to record videos with specific answers to your questions.

Would you like to discuss about different genres in music? Expecially jazz/ethnic music?

Feel free and contact me through my webpage or here in the comments and we’ll share ideas. Here are some glimpses of my practicing/composing time and i’m waiting to hear your questions about anny ethnic music topic, if you have anny questions about instruments, styles, improvisation, modes and so on, feel free to ask. I’m happy to help and answer. Hopefully i’ll be helpful enough for you steemians, fellow musicians and we’ll share ideas.

Practicing on bulgarian kaval and sketching some ideas at -5 degrees 🙂 



One morning sketching some modern rachenitsa on alto saxophone as well:



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Regards steemians/musicians/artists all over the Cryptonian World.