Musicoin & Choon music experiment

As i’ve thought, and it’s confirmed, people nowadays are just scrolling through blogs/posts/music and maybe if they think, it is looking interesting ( without reading/listening) are liking/upvoting and the funky part is that through an experiment made on one of the social media platforms, not even when you’re tagging and offering your music as a dedicated Gift, most of them are ignoring it or just giving a like in a hurry, without listening our music/art.

The interesting part is that you can compare the numbers of likes/upvotes with the true number of playings, ’cause in the New Era of Music, through musicoin and choon, these things can be visible and you do not need to be Einstein to make the comparison. So, steemians, what do you think? We are running from a platform like bandcamp, for instance, where i have my albums posted, and optain for a futuristic way of having musicoin and choon, where you can click on the compositions of the artist, without the most fearfull element, called BUY 🙂 and people still are not giving patience and the will to listen music through the new forms implemented by the new blockchain … Maybe ’cause their minds are still focused on the fact that the artist will receive through their playings millions of coins? 🙂 And the listener doesn’t realize that he will receive a better feel/state of soul and mind?

What’s your opinion about the way it’s presented through musicoin and choon, some of my compositions? Will this format survive and it will be adopted by the future masses or it will be just a wave that will pass?

Afreeindian Journey – a composition from our Tribe album, so you don’t need to purchase for your soul, the album via bandcamp: ’cause it costs a fortune, so you have it here, for free to be listen, as many times you wish per day:

Of course, the artist will be remunerated with coins per play, i think it’s more than win-win 50-50 % to the listener and the creator of the music.

Another composition of mine:

Big Change ( for the New Futuristic Era in Music):

It’s a live recorded composition which includes beside a jazz band with drums, bass, guitar, piano, saxophone, also an unique sound of strings quartet 🙂

Another composition of mine that serves as well for nobel, charity causes in Uganda, it’s entitled, The African M’Ganga:

It’s a composition that combines the traditional and awesome bulgarian kaval with the flugelhorn and the groovie Balkumba Tribe. Hope you’ll enjoy the feel and you’ll click on the Green PLAY button, ’cause every play counts, so i can donate for Uganda cause, managed by my jazzie brother Alex Steele. In Africa we can make miracles even with 100 euros in value of btc. Sometimes you can solve an irigation problem in a village with this kind of amount.

So, steemians, as you see, new options exists to be a fair win-win 50-50 % between the listener and the musician.

Here are my Musicoin & Choon pages:

Musicoin Page

Choon Page

For those who are true musicians and would like to register to these two amazing platforms, feel free and do it here:

Choon platform:

Musicoin platform:

This will be the Renaissance in Music. If you’ll read the schedule of Choon for instance for the Future untill the end of 2019 you’ll be amazed.

Meanwhile, are you still enjoy your Halloween, the ancient Samhain? Enjoy my carving that i’ve created with my awesome son.

Have a great Autumn Day and step into the New Year ( after the ancient celebration of Samhain) filled with Light, Prosperity and Abundance!

Regards steemians