My Musicoin Page – 3rd place already on monthly chart

Happy to see that on a platform like musicoin, on which i’ve stepped just for about two months ago, already i could see that for instance this song: was already on the 3rd place of weekly played song. Looks interesting, i cannot say i’m having goose bumps … but it’s cool. On the other hand, today i’ve posted on my musicoin page, this composition of mine, entitled, Carpathian Ritual: You can listen some flavours that i’ve inserted in this composition, which are from the balkan/ethnic side mixed with electro influences as grooves. The bulgarian kaval it’s never missing from a composition like that, expecially because it has this electro-balkan feel. I don’t know if already exists such a style, but maybe i can assume to imprint this pattent of music style 🙂

Hope you’ll enjoy listening this composition from the link above. In the Past, there was created also a video for this soundtrack, which i’ll present it here as well, just in case, if you would like to watch it:

As i’ve metioned before, i’m not having goose bumps, but the Future, expecially the Cryptonian Artistic Future, sounds brilliant … to my ears … if you know always, which note to pick between the musical lines of the phrases 😉

Regards steemians, Hope you’ll enjoy your time wherever you are 🙂

PS: Feel free and check out a small video from the other day soundcheck that i’ve had before the concert with our Tribe:!/v/luciannagy/czdniyw2

Ciao a tutti!