My saba saz semaisi … simple composition … like a sacred Prayer it’s filled with lot of thankful/acceptance & forgiveness feelings

Hi steemians,

This composition came out thru one of my favourite instruments … the turkish ney 🙂!/v/luciannagy/8xiq4cpb

While practicing … enjoying a turkish coffee, ideas/sketches are always flowing thru my mind … We can express/create sometimes a composition right from a sketch … an idea … this is how most of the composers are letting the muse to whisper them the ideas … it’s my humble idea 🙂

I was thinking to introduce you inside this wonderful world of the turkish ney …

The turkish ney is an end-blown reed flute, actually the Ottoman variation of the ancient ney. Along with the turkish tanbur lute and kemençe fiddle, the turkish ney is considered as well, the most typical instruments of classical turkish music. The turkish ney it is also used and plays a primary role in the music of the Mevlevi Sufi rites.

The turkish ney comes in many lengths, each producing a different key.

The turkish ney exists under different names, depending on it’s “perde” ( the note).

In come cyrcles of traditional musicians the name of the turkish ney it is determined by the tone produced of its rast perde and in some other circumstances, the pitch it’s determined using the note (perde) which matches A=440. This pitch is one note higher, mansur ney being A/La rather than G/Sol.

Here is a list with all the names given to the turkish ney, depending on the tonality:

Bolahenk nisfiye / Bolahenk supurde mabeyni / Supurde ney / Mustahsen / Yıldız ney / Kız ney / Kız mansur mabeyni / Mansur ney / Mansur sah mabeyni / Sah ney / Davud ney / Davud bolahenk mabeyni / Bolahenk ney

The turkish ney i’ve played on this song is the Kiz ney.

Hope you’ll enjoy the music

Have a wonderful week


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