Autumn Days, Tours, Memories, Photos … Autumn Art

How awesome can be to start your tour in such a place? Quiet, like returning to old Days in a village with people that are still saying a “Good Day” to each other … are still being as a community.

Before to start my journey on tour, what can be better than a genuine meal in a traditional way, being an art even in the way they’ve served it at the table. Delicious fish on wooden plate straight from the Wood. 

On my break after the soundcheck, untill the concert, i could find some old style bakery on the street where i took a stroll. I’ve felt like this world is missing these old habits, environments, communities and so on … Maybe through the Music/Art we’ll be able to reconnect some of the lost memories? 

After such an amazing stroll, what can be better than a Big Change composition? Maybe some of you were at this club, if not i do reccomend you should go to a concert here, at Bix Jazz Club in Stuttgart 🙂 


The tiny lil’ants where waiting to become alive from that music score 🙂 This composition sounds like this: 

If you would like to sustain the art of this group with whom i’m collaborating from time to time, feel free and purchase the Brassica Soup album through this link:

Much appreciated.

Soon, we’ll release the new album, entitled Mall Blues, and i think this will happen’on November 2018 at the Gala Jazz Blues festival from Temesvar, Romania. If you’ll be arrpund at the end of November in Temesvar, feel free and step by at the festival, enjoy the music, purchase the album and enjoy the city, Romania is a cool country and you should visit it. Trust me. Follow the link above, meanwhile, and purchase the Brassica Soup album and take the music with you wherevere you’ll travel. I think you’ll enjoy listening our album. Looking forward to see more people interested in sustaing the Music through purchasing the albums of the artists. nowadays.

Enjoy your Autumn Days steemians wherever you are.

Regards 🙂