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As an artist/musician/painter … you’re trying to provide the best artwork everytime you’re creating, but it seems very interesting when it comes to the next step… the SELLING process.

I was wondering the other Days, would it be greater that Music/Art would not be associated annymore with a “job”? This was a major problem since 1945 i think when the showbizz started ( even if the term showbizz as far as i know was registered already in some papers in the year of 1850’s) to promote all kind of chicks ( who would pay in annything for annything …) to become a star … Maybe now we are back in Time and the same concept of missleading infos are back with the same concept of ” just say it/sing it/sell it” …

In the period of Beethoven or Mozart, they were commisioned for their creations, but i don’t think they would think or consider this a “job” … Nowadays most of the musicians are commisioning themselves to re-create “cover” music … considering that everyone is better than the other one thru this process :-))

Hopefully everyone will find his place and will understand where’s his “slice” of pizza to play/dance on this game, named Life 🙂 Sometimes i’ve wondered, how would it feel for an IT person or an engineer, that a musician would step inside their worlds without anny knowledge, only with a baggage of “you can do it, annything goes, everything is for you, all is one … and all this crap on and on” and would take their “jobs” … would it be perfect? Maybe … cause today’s trend is ” sub-mediocrity on top of the World” 🙂

Anniway … Soon … but not yet … will be awesome 🙂

Here are some of my pages from my new updated website.

Discography page:


Feel free and purchase one of the first 2 albums from the page, if not all of them …

I’ve thought to share only one of my compositions, that can be purchased and it doesn’t cost a fortune:


Maybe from now on i’ll continue to post only one composition … just from time to time … even so … i’m skeptic on people’s interest in buying albums/singles annymore …

Regarding some of the ethnic instruments that i’m playing, here’s my page:


For those who are musicians, feel free and register here:

Choon platform:


Musicoin platform:


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