Dracula Soundtrack album preview – composed by Steve Brookfield – soon will appear on bandcamp

Who doesn’t know the story of Dracula? For me it was funny to read for the first time that the story dates from year of 1897 and it was catalogued as a gothic horror story written by the irish writer Bram Stoker.

The story tells that Dracula attempted to move from Transylvania to England, to find new blood and to spread the undead curse, also confronting a group of people led by professor Abraham van Helsing.

Dracula story has been assigned to many genres in the world of literature, including vampire literature, horror fiction, gothic novel. The novel has inspired and has spawned numerous theatrical shows, movies and television series.

Upon this section, so called, theatrical show, my brother Steve Brookfield, with whom i’m producing/arranging/composing most of our musical creations/productions, he thought to compose an entire music soundtrack dedicated to this theme, entitled, Dracula Soundtrack, which appeared already in a production with the same name, in London.

I was very happy when Steve invited me to record clarinet and flute on this awesome music soundtrack.

You can hear in the video bellow, some of the preview tracks of the production for Dracula Soundtrack. Feel free to comment, but most important to enjoy the music and spread the word. If you like to upvote/resteem it’s very welcomed as well.

Soon the entire album will be produced and introduced to you steemians/people from all over the World, thru bandcamp.

Regarding Bram Stoker, i was impressed to see that he was a member of The Daily Telegraph, since he was working as manager for Henry Irving and secretary and director of London’s Lyceum Theatre, beginning his writing with the novel entitled, The Snake’s Pass, from the year 1890 and Dracula in 1897.

It’s funny to read about a story that appeared in 1897 and influenced the film/theatre industry since nowadays … and also i’m impressed to see that The Daily Telegraph, which is the most famous national british daily newspaper from London, still exists and activates even today … time flies lightly, right?

Returning to our story, i was very happy to introduce to you our Dracula soundtrack preview album.

Hope that people will receive it in a good way and will enjoy the music.
You’ll hear a modern approach, musically speaking, having an awesome blending between classical woodwinds and strings, also with electric guitar and drums inserted in some places, which gives a hint of a mixture between classical music and rock sound in matter of musical concept.

I think, my brother Steve Brookfield did an awesome job, composing the music on this theme, i could say, on this famous theme of Dracula Soundtrack.

Have a Blessed time on steemit and wherever you are people.

Here’s the video preview