Investments advice in a New Futuristic Era for artists/Keep steemin’Music/Art my fellow artists

Best artistic advice regarding investment…

People are very influenced to act, using the spirit and the principle of the flock, in which case, it is best to go in the opposite direction.

This is my point of view on what i’ve seen the last days happening here on steemit. I’m just observing things … i like to read between the lines. I’ve seen people leaving the platform, because the price is too low, or other people that have left the platform, getting back much more excited and posting cool blogs. The most important thing for people/painters/musicians arround steemit, they should understand that this is not an investment in short term, it’s exactly the opposite way.

People always wanted yesterday … everything on the demanding mode and to happen’if it’s possible … yesterday …

I’ve always sustained my focus on the fact that, the best way to invest is definetely in yourself, no matter if it resumes only as knowledge assimilated from schools that you’ve graduated or the so called school of Life, but also from this new ways that are developing through the new blockchain system and all the platforms developed on it.

Now is the time to invest in steemit/dsound/dtube/choon/musicoin and other platforms related to this new form of blockchain. I’m speaking and related everything on the platforms mentioned here from an artistical percpective.

Everyone is free to invest in which platform wants, depending on his call … in my case is for Music, for everything related to Art.

In the end, anniway will be as i’ve felt from the beginning, like, people that have migrated from platforms that in my opinion are under “?” will be the first who will run out whenever the price will go low, when actually it’s the best time to steem more … I’ve seen that people are skeptic the mostly regarding Music/Art … they don’t want to buy an album, they want everything for free … and now i’m happy that this things will end soon. I’m looking forward to see proper curators arround steemit that will know what means “quantity versus quality” and will offer steem prices to artists not just based on the fact that they’re in the first page on feed news cause they’ve pushed their content thru bidbots … but for their great content … in this case great music/art.

In this new Era on which i’m feeling we’re developing its infrastructure more and more, i thought that the best way to invest is in cryptos related to what it’s connected with you … in my case is Music/Art … so here starts my Journey.

In my artistic point of view i think Steemit definetely is the best platform that exists nowadays in this cryptonian field but related to my creative spectrums i think it is smart enough that i’ve invested in platforms such as musicoin and choon.

I’m here to invite expecially musicians arround steemit to register and to join these two major platforms that will bring joy in their artistis lives, which we know that today are not so funky as it used to be, mostly in every scenarios, and with almost all the musicians i’ve been speaking, they cannot say they have plenty of concerts/films to compose their music and so on … So … dear composers/artists/freelancers … Here are my two safe links throught which i’m inviting you to register and join these 2 amazing platforms and start to earn musicoins and notes coins:

Choon platform:

Musicoin platform:

Post your songs and you’ll be more than happy to see that right from the 1st day of your music being presented on those 2 platforms, you’ll S to earn notes coins and musicoins.

Keep in touch with me and whoever wants to collaborate for movie soundtracks/theatre music/ albums of jazz,world-music,blues,funk and anny kind of sub-genre in Music and you can contact me here or the best way through my website:

Regards steemians, musicians, cryptonians

Friendly, Lucian Nagy