Inner Spectrum – A Fibonacci Tale – live improvisation from Millenium Church in Temesvar


What can be greater than just to create music, without having annything planned, composed or discussed with the musicians with whom you’re going to play … As i’ve promised some days ago that i’ll create a blog about this concert that was taken place in the church, here we are …!/v/luciannagy/r4q4hhqe


This concert was happening a few days ago when i’ve received an invitation from Sasha Bota, when he asked me if i would like to join their improvisational project which included: Tony Kuhn on church organ, Sergiu Catana – electro samples/percussions and Sasha Bota – viola/violin …

We’ve had the chance to have as well two awesome voices, one from Istanbul, Sanat Deliorman, who improvised at some moment some great lines in a jazzie way and Maria Chioran, who brought a lil’bit of bluesy/world music inflections inside her improvisational moments. As well, we’ve the chance to have at some moment, Johnny Bota on the bass to sustain the music with the root sounds of this genuine music that was created in that evening.

Of course i was happy to be part from such an organic project with a contemporary/free improvisational approach and you can hear thru this track what happened on that concert, which was performed and recorded in a raw way ( with a phone) 🙂 inside the Millennium Church in Temesvar.

In this photo bellow, you can see me playing the turkish ney and right next to me is the great Sanat Deliorman. She’s coming from the land from where i’m having my custom neys carved by the master luthier, Eymen Gurtan.


A concert with no expectations, no demanding mode, just letting things happen’. Bellow i’ll present you a short moment from this concert on which we’ve created some interesting musical moments with some contemporary music influences and improvisational approaches.

In this photo bellow, you can see Sasha Bota tuning his violin before we’ve started our journey.



Hope you’ll enjoy the combination of sounds that appears in the video above, between viola and turkish ney and church organ with electro samples.

I think you can create a whole new spectrum combining only turkish ney sound with viola sound.

Hope that you’ve enjoyed our music steemians and stay arround and checkout for more artistic blogs that i’ll post soon. 

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Regards steemians