Artistic Letter to all steemians/musicoiners/bandcampers … Feel free to support my Artwork! Thanks to you all!

Dear Madam/Sir,

We would like to present you our BRAND NEW ALBUM, recorded by Lucian Nagy & Balkumba Tribe, which represents a perfect cultural, musical and ethnicity fusion, creating a unique balance between musicians of the Tribe.

We’re offering you the best way to PURCHASE/BUY our album thru:

Here is ALSO the track entitled The African M’Ganga. Please feel free and take your time, share it, send some tips in musicoins if you feel like. Every support will be much appreciated, so, i & our Tribe will be able to donate % out from the earnings from this single to serve for charity causes for Africa and not only … Soon i’ll present more compositions here on my musicoin page.

Each member of the “Tribe” manifests the region they come from in a natural way, leaving a great musical and cultural print that you’ll hear on the album.

Mixing up the musical ingredients brought by Johann Berby from the Afro-Indian sphere and ethnic influences – with Jazz from Sebastian SpanacheIvan Aleksjievic & Lucian Nagy, we can say that the whole conceptual spectrum of the Tribe has a fresh and original feeling. To all these, we add of course Csabi Pusztai  & Prabhu Edouard who give that unique “groove” by combining the Afro-Indian rhythms with Middle-East & Jazz.

You’ll find out, as well, after purchasing our album, all the other featured artists that participated on it.

You can follow our tourdates/albums and all the other artistic activities thru our website:

Feel free to sustain our artwork thru our bandcamp link represented above and purchase the album or via my musicoin page to sustain our single.

Who will be interested to hire our Tribe for their festival, feel free and contact us via our website where you can find the contact form that will answer your artistic request.

Thank you all

Friendly, Lucian Nagy & Balkumba Tribe