Musicoin Profile


Regards steemians/artists,

I was thinking to share with you my musicoin profile and to invite all the musicians/artists who are interested to join the platform to register thru my link:

I will be thankful and will appreciate this, if some of you, expecially from the artistic spectrum will register thru my page and will start his awesome journey here on musicoin.

I’ve uploaded our Tribe single thru which i’m still trying to get more and more earnings, to raise up the earnings, so, i’ll be able to donate a % for charity causes in Africa and not only …

I really appreciate all the steemians/artists/visitors from steemit or musicoin platforms, who will take their time to visit, listen, upvote, follow my musicoin page and the most important, you can send tips as well to the artists, so feel free to sustain my artworks. Much appreciated steemians, artists from all over this World. Let’s keep in touch and hopefully we’ll be able to build a better World thru our artistic creations, thru all the art-forms that are existing within’us … and out there … but let’s not forget the Kingdom Within’ … the one represented thru us/humans by our Great Architect.

Here is the track entitled The African M’Ganga. Please feel free and take your time, share it, send some tips in musicoins if you feel like. Soon i’ll present more compositions here on my musicoin page.

I know nowadays the “things are changing” but Art will remain Art and it depends only on us if we’ll continue to be creative, to sustain it with inspiration and to be sustained by the music lovers thru musicoins tips/upvotes/resteems/purchases of albums and so on … even thru steem coins or musicoins. Stay in touch with the artists. The Future already started to express and it will speed up day by day … we’ll see which will be the direction … i do believe in a brighter Future for the Art/Music.

Thanks to you all and stay in touch. Soon more music to appear on my pages. Regards