Gustav Mahler – The composer … the movie … his amazing symphony …

Hi steemians,

I don’t know if everyone likes Mahler’s music … but i’ve thought to write a few lines about him’cause it’s one my favourites composers, his music representing the bridge between the 19th century of Austro – German tradition and the modernism of the early 20th century in matter of late romantic classical music.

His music gained popularity, expecially in Europe after some periods of relative neglects, including a ban of performing his music during the nazi era.

He was born in Bohemia, back then being part of the Austrian Empire, as a german speaking jew, Mahler was displaying his musical gifts from an early age.

During his ten years in Vienna, Mahler experienced regular opposition from the anti-semitic press. He became the director of the Vienna Court Oper, known also as Hofoper in the year of 1897.

His compositions were much more often written as a part-time activity because mainly he was hired as a conductor for the symphonic orchestras.

Still, i believe that his symphonies are such a genial creations and i’ve thought to present you this one, Symphonie number 1 and number 5

In these two videos you’ll hear two great performances conducted by two great music conductors from the classical-music world. Their names are Leonard Bernstein and Valery Gergiev. 

Nowadays, you can find videos with them (conducting awesome pieces of classical-music/symphonic jazz) only thru internet and mezzo television … sometimes on some countries, as well, thru their national television channels.

Feel free and checkout the biographical movie of Gustav Mahler, entitled “Mahler”, being directed by Ken Russell. This biographical movie was entered at 1974 Cannel Film Festival and won the Technical Grand Prize. Robert Powell acts the role of Gustav Mahler, the movie starting with him and his wife during a train journey on which they’re confronting their failing marriage. What a great way to start a Life or a movie 🙂

Enjoy watching the movie and feel free to listen Gustv Mahler’s music.

Regards steemians