A Glimpse of Memories …

I’m still wondering sometimes, how everything started with my musical journey and for the last few years, with our Tribe Journey …

The other days i have re-discovered some videos with our Tribe and i’ve realized that everything started with this music, in this place, in the year of 2014: 



Now i understand when some of my masters said in the Past that at some moment you’ll need to look back … and either you’ll be shocked of your Life that you’ve left behind as a legacy, or you’ll be in a good state of soul/mind being satisfied and fullfilled for all that you’ve created thru Art/Music, Family that you have and all the precious Gifts that you’ve received from the Great Architect. 

This was my feeling on this period and i’ve thought to write & share this with you all, thru this blog. I’m happy even with this live recorded composition that came out in Berlin in 2014, when me & the Tribe, we had our 1st internationally concert in this formula.

After our Tribe Journey started in 2014, we’ve started to think to record an album. 

Before that we’ve recorded almost all of our concerts thru the years. Here’s a composition entitled “Ayocunle” and was played live in Sah’Arad @the American Music Festival in 2015:



Disregard somehow the accompaniment of the frogs from that lake 🙂 but we were happy that they’ve been part of the “Universe” created thru that moment. 

At this moment in time, in 2015 our group has begun to consolidate and there was already : Csabi Pusztai on drums, Johann Berby on bass, Ivan Aleksijevic on piano, Sebastian Spanache on piano, Gabriel Rosati on trumpet. 

We knew that our Tribe won’t be labeled as a jazz music group, because of all the musical influences of each musician within’the group and because of that, we knew that we will just compose our music and hopefully people will embrace it as “world-music”… or … in its best way … just “Music”. The improvisational part of the music is the essence of our Tribe, being one of the most beautiful ingredient for us to create/compose, even live on stage. Here’s a short video of one of this moments, when we are just playing/having fun on stage and create the music … just create the music and let it happen’



At this moment in time, when i’m looking back … it seems like 4 years are something that sounds like eternity … not even a “time new bank” coin would be able to buy this whole time that left … but as i’ve said … I’m confident with myself, happy and fullfilled for everything that was created with our Tribe. 

From live scenarios like this one: 



to moments during the studio-session to record the album State of Soul: 



I am more than happy for every creative moment and i do believe that all the other cats from our Tribe are too. 

Feel free to follow us thru my website www.luciannagy.com and our Tribe website www.balkumbatribe.com

If you want to support our music feel free to purchase our album thru bandcamp: https://luciannagybalkumbatribe.bandcamp.com/

The whole month of August, we have our album State of Soul for sale with a discount price from 13 euros to 9 euros and maybe we’ll extend this campaign for September too, so stay tuned and follow us for more updates. 

Stay Blessed steemians, people from all over the World and not only … 

Soon, more things to come thru my creative moments with music/art.

Regards to you all

Friendly, Lucian Nagy & Balkumba Tribe