Art Value – Then and Now …


Does still exists today careers in the Art, that still revolve arround commisions or even thru the “craftsmen” model, as once we’ve had, expecially in the Renaissance Era? I’m still wondering about this fact.

Perhaps the artists in the Past were better under the status of “craftsmen” who would only make artworks for commisions. I cannot even see when it was made the transition from the old apprentice ( in every form of art) or the craftmen from the old era to this silly modern times when it seems like everyone has forgotten how to create art by working with his hands … in the Past there was a transition you could observe, the one of the blue collar worker/craftmen/artist which means “working with his hands” eventually being transformed into a more of a “white collar” worker, the renaissance onward meaning of the “craftmen” concept.

Since Middle-Ages and even in the Renaissancee Era, the artists were perceived as skilled persons, who worked with their hands, craftsmen, being able to create from every type of wood, steel, clay all kind of artworks.

Nowadays this society creates those boundaries between the blue collar and the white collar, that normally in that old era was very clear for the people, today the society can cause a big difference between doctors, lawyers and carpenter or cooks, or not to speak of musicians/painters … while in the old time of Renaissance Era, the so called carpenters, sculptors, musicians, craftsmen in every artistic spectrum wanted to be perceived as thinkers, innovators … I think during the Renaissance Era the status of the artist was deeply affected by the new trend and it took quite a long time for the new artists to be able to regain their status as of artists back.

A major aspect that i’ve observed and liked during that Renaissance Era was the fact that the artist/musician was commisioned by a patron to compose/paint an artwork, having his own specifics on the materials/colours/musical style maybe that would be used. Nowadays the artist/painter/musician is composing/creating his artworks and after that he’s waiting for ages to sell them. Amazing

Maybe thru that commisioned plan from that period was a better way to offer to the artist the real advantages, not only creating the illusion of being an artist, so you have the freedom to create, but to remunerate him, and not to create the situation of getting the artist to the boundaries of starvation … like nowadays i’ve seen it’s possible … and we’re pretending that we’re living in the 21th Century and we’ve evolved, really???

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