Lucian Nagy & Balkumba Tribe for Africa! New Single release for this cause and 1000 Special Gifts!


“Our Tribe for Africa”

Starting with December 2016, Lucian Nagy met Alex Steele ( Director Improwise, consultant, educator, coach, jazz pianist, professor, innovation, leadership, change, community development, sustainability, improvisation) and after 2 concerts in wich they ve collaborated thru Improwise concept for the corporatist world, Lucian Nagy came with the idea of getting Balkumba Tribe to be involved in several projects that Alex initiated for charity causes in Africa, in regions such as: Uganda, Kenya, Senegal.

Therefore, we are inviting everyone who wants to serve our charity causes to follow this page and the links bellow thru wich by buying the Tribe’s New single entitled “The African M’Ganga” or by pressing the button Donate and offer more than 10 euros they will add more than a hope for the causes that we will try to save.

Here’s the link thru wich you can purchase the New single of the Tribe. For the 1st 1000 persons who will purchase and donate more than 10 euros ( even in bitcoin as value … for wich reason you should contact Lucian via to exchange the bictoin wallets for the transactions) will receive as a free Gift our brand new album entitled “State of Soul” :

Everyone who will donate please feel free to leave your name as well , so by the time when we’ll create a short documentary movie with our mission accomplished or a simple post, we’ll mention EVERYONE who was involved into this major project.

We sincerelly thank everyone for their involvement.

We’re wishing you all a Blessed Time on this precious place named, Earth = Heart.