“Our Tribe for Africa”

“Lucian Nagy & Balkumba Tribe”



“Our Tribe for Africa”


Starting with December 2016, i’ve met Alex Steele.

Alex Steele is the director of Improwise http://www.improwise.co.uk/ also being, consultant, educator, coach, jazz pianist, professor, innovation, leadership, change, community development, sustainability, improvisation.

After 2 concerts in wich we’ve collaborated thru the Improwise concept for the corporatist world, Lucian Nagy came with the idea of getting Balkumba Tribe to be involved in several projects that Alex initiated for charity causes in Africa, in areas such as: Uganda, Kenya, Senegal.

Therefore, we are inviting everyone who wants to contribute to this amazing project and serve our charity causes to follow this page and the links bellow thru wich by buying the Tribe’s New Album or by pressing the button Donate they will add more than a hope for this project to be fullfilled.

Here’s the link thru wich you can purchase the New album of the Tribe:

Bellow you can find the button “Donate”. Please follow the steps and feel free to donate. We haven’t established a certain amount of money for the donation, therefore, every person will donate as much as they feel to offer.

We still have the campaign through which everyone who will purchase the single from the link above and will donate more than 10 euros, will receive our album State of Soul as a Gift. Much appreciated every purchase of our single.

I do hope that people will start to be more efficient and responsive to our campaigns and will be generous in purchasing and donating for our music so we can be helpful on this chain to help Africa through our music. I know nowadays people are lost in so many platforms on internet and expecially in thoughts on how to make a living but i think we still have a better perspective on how to manage the ignorance that’s taking place in this wonderful World.

We sincerelly thank everyone for their involvement.

We’re wishing you all a Blessed Time on this precious place named, Earth = Heart.