New perspectives on the Horizon of this cryptonian planet

Hope everyone is happy with the new Horizon that is rising in front of our own eyes. 

Never to forget the anagramic protocol and the fact that under a sort of Gematria code, the word “de-centralized” has inside exactly the final result and seed of it, the ” centralized” one … 

I see that even exchanges have started to sign the protocols of the regulatory system under the jurisdictions that they’ve accepted and signed to be part … 

In times like this one, when the entire Galaxy i feel it’s under the protocol of smoke and mirrors, WE, the artists are the most happy, right? 🙂 

Under a protocol of cancelation of all of our concerts/tours ( even if those, are not so many anymore in comparison with “what the so called system/industry requires to be fullfilled for this infested artistic market”) we should just continue our Journey, like nothing ever happened and art/music CAN, AND is ” a thing” or “just a thing” for everyone … 

Yeah’, maybe it is for everyone, as long as this term “everyone” has the same poor mind setup through which art/music should be “FREE” for everyone, starting from not buying the albums of the true artists, not paying the tickets to their concerts ( only to those artists that the mass-media are pumping it inside the brains of this, so called society … maybe a divided and disolved society that is still ingurgitating whatever appears on the screens or on the radios … thinking that they are making the difference through this protocol and the true artists are those that are implemented inside their brains through those tools, without knowing the future risks) listening to their music online, even if this online game is a new program through which you’ll stay at home and you’ll never get out from your house to meet the artists at their own concerts … 

For instance, through this psycho-tronic pandemic game, which is much more a mentally pandemic instead of a true flu issue, lots of artists ( even i could have been trapped inside of such a new game implementation) have decided to be engaged in livestreaming concerts, this being caused by all this sharade with the cancelation of all their concerts/tours. 

In my own humble opinion, this might become very easily a new programmed system, through which, you, as an audience, will be placed in your own comfortable spectrum ( if i can call it like that) and in the near future, ALL the artistic concept of concerts, will be teleported, to a netflix tv or dlive channel concept, inside your house, which, you will embrace it ’cause it will suit you somehow and you’ll not be willing to step out from that zone, but maybe everyone should pay a crypto ticket to watch the concert, and believe me … the poor mindset will still be there with most of the 90 % of the people out there … or better to say hibrid/robotic/humanoidic people … 

Now, for the Future of the artistic spectrum, i’ll introduce to you some of the big game changers inside this matrix of music.

How many of you are familiar with Vibravid platform and its Beatzcoin?

Here’s my profile artistic page inside Vibravid ( don’t get paranoid, it’s not a refferal link)

I think you should check it out, expecially, the tandem between Trx and Steem will somehow get to the point where Vibravid will join Steem blockchain as well.

Short introduction to Vibravid and its Beatzcoin.


beatzcoin logo.jpg


Beatzcoin represents the future of music in the vast world of crypto that evolves there everyday.

It will be the coin that will remunerate each artist that applied for the music accelerator program for vibravid platform.

People will be able to pay for the music/merchandise of their favourite artists on the platform.

It is a project created based on tron and beatzcoin already are on the top 5 of the super representatives on tronscan.

Invest in beatzcoin inside Tron’s blockchain and sustain the artists that are active inside vibravid’s platform that was launched few months ago.

You ll be able to purchase the music and remunerate the artists through beatzcoin just by clicking on their music.

Also there will be bounties on every single/music album or video that each individual artist decides to promote his own music through the protocol of offering a bounty to each listener, which in my opinion is still pumping the poor mindset and encourage the average percentage of people to perpetuate the old concept of free art/music for everyone, when in fact the artist will remain with bits and crumps, actually from its own creation.

The new UI will be released soon with the possibility for each artist to update their profiles and also to enable the option of the “follow” button.

This way, people will be able to find each other very easily and remain connected, even if in this new society of non-altruistic artists 🙂 maybe this will be an illusion … or maybe this is the “likeophobia” effect caused by the old social media system? 🙂

Maybe it’s the best thing that needs to happen’to happen’to this society that has evolved to such extended level … maybe a fake one 🙂 


I am a humble artist and I’m not a financial advisor … 



Don’t lose your time and invest in this new economic format of futuristic banking system through the new cryptonian protocol, expecially for the mot important fact that the Future banking system will activated through the Proof of work (PoW) and Proof of stake (PoS) protocols.

You will always do your own research and you’ll find out the whole new system that grows day by day and the entire protocols on which will be set, as major pillars, better to say, cryptonian “encrypted” pillars of an entire New World out there wich will have their functioning systems based on PoW and PoS.


This project is runned by a very young and ambitious team and will represent a big stone inside the cryptonian space for its Future. 

Do your own research and register through the link above and enjoy your journey inside the new cryptonian system … 




Returning to art/music …


I see day by day so many dapps/apps and platforms that are evolving like mushrooms … knowing that only “some” will succeed.

One of them, not only because it’s related to art/music, will be Emanate MN8




This will be a game changer inside the artistic cryptonian music space.

I can sense this.

Unfortunately, not so many artists are stepping inside the future matrix …

I think MN8 platform will remunerate many artists in the next years.

Between some of their own developments, is the major fact, that they will release their own crypto card which will activate both ways: fiat & crypto as well.

Sounds amazing, right?

Maybe at the end ot this “funky story” the whole world will be like neo from the matrix movie … everything becoming digital …

Good or …?

Meanwhile, i’m happy for our Tribe’s album to be visible inside this new evolving crypto space of MN8

Enjoy listening … but i suggest, first, register to be able to listen the whole tracks from so many artists out there. ( this is not a refferal link … don’t get paranoid) 🙂


Regarding the another aspect of Emanate MN8 platform …

There will be protocols like:

Emanate MN8 becoming highly automated, having proposals and decisions that will be carried out inside its blockchain for the following aspects:

  • having provision of funds for the entire community projects
  • having the voting protocol on new platform features
  • having an arbitration of flagged content
  • having the protocol for marketing grants
  • one of the major fact as well will be the voting protocol for Emanate representants.

Since 2018, Emanate has been partnered with eosdac, having plans to work together on the next future of Emanate platform, expecially on its own governance.

The platform has released their own EMT token and its dashboard was created from a fork of the eosdac member client.

Now they are happy to announce the following news:

  • Emanate will use the eosdac toolkit to create its own on-chain governance software.
  • Emanate will have a very well organized protocol of a cryptonian musician-friendly communications system around the eosdac framework.
  • all the eosdac members will get an EMT airdrop as an incentive to join and help to grow the Musical co-op
  • Emanate will structure its own governance inside the blockchain of eosdac.

Emanate MN8 will have also three major categories of “roles”

First one will be for the “Custodian” role, which will be appointed, this one, being the most important role in the community, and will come with the highest staking requirements and some of the most important responsibility.

Major proposals will be voted upon by the Emanate MN8 community, therefore, the custodians will enact them.

Until now, the number of custodians is arround 21.

Conditions to become one:

  • there will be some staking requirement/rewards ceiling: between 100,000 to 500,000 EMT
  • the rewards will equal 1.5x standard network rewards per token.
  • every custodian will need to be voted in by EMT holders.

The second one will be the Emanate representant, which will be responsible for every day-to-day protocol, handling of any user issues and all kind of inquiries related to Emanate platform.

Every representant will help with its own arbitration protocol on tracks and will need to be active almost every day inside the platform, being able to help all the users.

The request for the representants section, to have an ability to speak a variety of languages will be a “must” and will be also one of the major keys to be helpful to make Emanate a truly global platform.

Until now there are up to 63 representants.

For this section there are some protocols, related to:

  • staking requirement/rewards ceiling: 50,000 to 100,000 EMT
  • the rewards will be 1.25x standard network reward per token
  • again, in this section as well, all the representant will need to be voted in by EMT holders.

The third role will be the Emanate member.

This role of an Emanate EMC member can be achieved by anyone who has connected an eos account to their Emanate profile page inside the blockchain and also will stake at least 1000 EMT.

It must have read and accepted the terms and conditions of Emanate MN8 cryptonian constitution.
The number of members for such a role will be unlimited.

There will be some short protocols, such as:

  • the staking requirement/rewards ceiling will be 1000 to 50,000 EMT
  • the rewards paid will be at the standard rate per token

Every Emanate member from this third role section needs to stay active inside the platform, being able to:

  • regular voting
  • regular consumption of the audio filses within’the platform
  • following artists
  • if they are musicians, they should upload audio files or music albums.
  • they should moderate tracks inside the community of Emanate.

Looks pretty simple, or? 🙂

Enjoy the music people and hopefully this very next few Eons in matter of cryptonian time-frame will bring this World and Entire Galaxy to the next big level.



Never to forget the main platform on which i’m an ambassador and through which i’m very happy to promote future artists arround the world.




As a musicoin ambassador, i’m always honoured to present you this music platform on the blockchain, entitled, Musicoin, through which you can stream the whole catalogue of music presented by a vast list of independent musicians arround the World.

The magic about this platform, is that is absolutely free, also, being without ads integration.

Musicoin has revolutionized the creation and, most important, the distribution of value for every artist and his musical creations.

Each musician receives instantly, his compensation under the protocol of PayPerPlay, the so called Musicoins, for each stream of music.

The magic of this new platform is that, it has already launched the app that exists now on every cell-phone and it can be found on its playstore.

Now, you have access to music online.

Register here:

With the power of Musicoin blockchain, you can now stream unique music from independent artists.

Enjoy the music.

Soon, Musicoin will become an awesome stablecoin, build inside Ethereum blockchain.


So, steemians, cryptonians, homo-sapiens, will this new world, that will arrise soon, be able to establish a new and better path of the next couple of eons? 🙂