Lucian Nagy Token (LNT) – White Paper

                               Lucian Nagy Token (LNT)

White Paper

 by Lucian Nagy

 Version 0.1

October 2019

                                            The Abstract Vision of My Project:

Lucian Nagy Token ( LNT) was created on the New Blockchain and especially inside the Tron platform as a result of a personal idea through which i’ve thought that my Art/Music could benefit not only the sustainability for its creative process through my music albums and concerts, but also to serve for charity causes in Africa and other areas in the World.

Inside this vast new musical spectrum that is growing day by day in this New World, Lucian Nagy Token (LNT) appeared as a symphony composed under a cryptonian protocol that will facilitate not only the Portal, in this case, My Music, to grow and develop inside this artistic cryptonian – market with each step, but also each person who will invest in my LNToken.

We’ve seen that the whole musical industry has arrived in a non-returning point where the artists, and especially the individual artists are struggling to survive from art/music, this causing a sort of frustration and loads of question marks regarding the continuation of this process of creation under these terms or not.

As a result of all this issues, that i’ve observed that are happening in this World and even arround some spectrum where i’m activating, I’ve decided to create my own LNToken, hoping that I can solve the cause of this crisis on which we’ve arrived.

As we all know, people are not buying anymore the albums at the concerts, not even willing to pay a ticket to your concert, expecting everything to be for free, I’ve thought that the ultimate solution might be the new cryptonian era, through which people MUST re-discover their altruism/support/humanitarian state of Soul to sustain the Music/Art.

Through this process of creating my LNToken, i’ve tried different other ways to shout out through my Art/Music, even by creating videos on which i’ve offered our Tribe’s single, entitled “The African M’Ganga” as a link, so, people who wanted to purchase the single, could receive our album “State of Soul” as a Gift … i’ll let you guess how many persons did this … just a few …

You can find out more about my projects that are sustaining my LNToken by visiting this link:

Lucian Nagy Token (LNT) will abolish the pernicious problems from today’s music industry as outlined above, expecially, for the fact, that when it’s involved the protocol through which a form of art/music is sustaining at its very end, also, charity causes, it is required a cryptonian-format of a decentralized distribution of the token supply, making this smart contract fair, and paving the way for a self-sustaining art business model.

The distribution of dividents will take place as follows:

         – for those participants who will invest more than 100 Tron/Trx in my LNToken, there will

    be 10 % from the existing amount of the 33 300 000 of my LNTokens to serve as dividents.

LNToken will be opened for partnerships with artists/charity companies that are active inside the cryptonian spectrum and not only, to co-work and sustain the same goals and missions to help the World.

This is only a conceptual whitepaper describing the future goals for the LNToken to be developed.

This Whitepaper may be replaced and updated from time to time.

Thanks to all of you who will participate and support my artistic goal through my LNToken.

Support my Art/Music and i’ll support this World as well.