“On the brink of losing their interest … “


Regards people,

Still having the will and pleasure for the new blockchain? Expecially the steemian one?

From what supposed to be a comment on an awesome blog, written’by my cryptonian friend,Β @crypto.piotrΒ it came out to be a cool blog as well to be presented here.

The idea came based on a phrase of Piotr’s blog:

“The idea behind my personal initiative is quite simple: most users who create quality content but struggle with building engagement will sooner or later give up. And receiving financial rewards (in the form of upvotes) will hardly change anything. ”

This issue with receiving engagements from people inside steemit platform, i could see it right away a problematic thing, expecially in the case of Art/Music πŸ™‚

People rather would go and upvote some art form or music video on which might be possible to exist lots of “?” marks …

Of course, people would start to lose their interest in this so called new blockchain, when they will see that almost the same people, mainly, with ignorance for Art/Music/Good blogs content in our scenario here on steemit and they will stop interacting.

I think the new blockchain format will be more and more scanned based through AI and through this procedure, those who even if they are composing/creating amazing contents, will be filtered, and their creations won’t be visible, exactly, because they’re not 100 % of their time… active inside the platform … in our case … steemit platform πŸ™‚

As i’ve always mentioned, you cannot restrict an artist (and this is a very important point of view, directly, from me, in quality of an artist) forcing him, like in the case of dtube, for example, to post each day or week, new and new videos, just because there’s a time-frame of remuneration … this won’t be possible.

A composition takes time, it doesn’t just go out after its creation and exists for 7 days, and after that … that’s it … It will last FOREVER πŸ™‚

So does, or it should be a system of upvoting/remunerate/mining the so called, tokens, coins that would be very vital for an artist, to be remunerated for his artistic creation, mainly in a new world that grows day by day out there … right?

Maybe it’s to contemporary/futuristic thinking, but i do believe that an infinite time-frame for remunerations of an artist for their creations, would be helpful, and the most important, would stimulate their creativity much further to be engage in this artistsic/blogging universe of creativity.

Regarding Music/Art/Music Videos/Blogs, i do like to recommend to everyone Musicoin

You can register on musicoin here:


You can listen our Tribe’s music album here, via google chrome page or after you’ll register via the link above, you can acces our music, via the musicoin app.within’your playstore on your phone.


and also in matter of videos, Bit Tube


When people will start to undestand much more the concept of altruism, and will follow each-other ( i mean to follow real bloggers/creators, not bots) and the transparency, or what we would like to believe it means, transparency in a creative future, then, i think people and the most important the platforms, should have a way of visibility much greater and the remuneration system, not to be restricted.

After that, it can be implemented, maybe, politics, like, whoever is more than 15 days active per month, to receive extra royalties, for their creative contents, more visibility to the community, not to be forced,as an artist to use all kind of bots, to increase your steem-power, in our case here on steemit.

I know this might be a hiting point head in head, ’cause like it goes nowadays, those who just have a silly song, mainly, just noizy, and they use some bots for the upvotes, or they’ve convinced some impressive amount of followers ( which most of the time don’t know what’s a true artistic creation and what’s a synthetic/plastic noizy one, without substance, will follow those, so called, “artists”)

So, as a last phrase in Time, i think, either Steemit, Dtube, will start to take out their time-frame remuneration system on the artistic contents and they will offer at least a way like Musicoin, Bit Tube does, or people definitely will lose their interest in creating on and on, receiving just small amounts as return for their creativity.

Hope this was a short blog πŸ™‚

Regards a tutti.

People, and expecially Tron hodlers, should check my LNToken and invest in art/music and charity causes .