Hyat – a glimpse from our EP album that soon will be released!

Hyat/Life … what an amazing name to bear the name of our future album, that me and my new fellow artist, Stranger Souma, will release soon.

The Day, this track came alive through its process of creation, we’ve realized, that definetely, Music has no boundaries, Music does not separate our Souls, but creates bridges between our Worlds 🙂

It would be much easier in this Galaxy, if everything would go so easily and magic, like our time frame in the process of creation of our compositions.

Therefore, i’m here today to introduce to you this amazing track from our Future album, entitled “Hyat”, as the name of the single released today.

Here is the link, through which you can purchase it:


As a Special Gift:

50 persons from those who will sustain our art/music through this single will be chosen randomly and will receive the upcoming album as a Gift through the e-mail adresses that will be provided when they will make the actual purchase of Hyat.

Hyat was composed & produced by Stranger Souma & Lucian Nagy

Mixing & mastering by Stranger Souma

Artwork by Sarra Geist

You can also listen our composition “Hyat” on musicoin page:


Have a Blessed Time people and enjoy the magical Hyat/Life … meaning, to enjoy your life as well 🙂

Me, Stranger Souma and Sarra Geist are wishing you all the best and stay tuned, more magical compositions will appear soon on our EP album. 

Regards to you all people and we thank you for your support.