Letter from a Musicoin Ambassador – Listen the Music, Share it with others and install the Musicoin App

Regards steemians,

As a musicoin ambassador, invested for more than 3 weeks, i’m here to present you the new musicoin app that you can find on your playstore folder on your phones.

Now, i think there won’t be excuses from annyone, that they need to sacrifice their fortune of 10 euros to purchase an album 🙂

It’s on your phone brothers, it’s on playstore, the very much expected, Musicoin App is now ready to be installed and you will be able to play, for example my music via the following 3 links:

“Lucian Nagy & Balkumba Tribe”


Lucian Nagy


The page and the community for which i was invested to become a musicoin ambassador, the one entitled, MusicoinRomania, can be checked and listened to its music right here:


More romanian artists will join this new cryptonian musicoin platform.

So, feel free and install the app on your phones and enjoy the new cryptonian futuristic journey inside the vast world of music.


Enjoy the music brothers, it’s for free, in case you didn’t got the “like’o’phobia” trending mood from other social media platforms and now when it’s actually free to click, you’re not able to sustain the Art. Play the music like it would be your personal radio.