LucianNagyToken (LNT) – Short introduction – Tronscan/SR’s – SesameSeed – Seed/Ante

Hi steemians, tronians, cryptonians, out there, from different planets 🙂 

Here we are. My token has been released from the “audit” process on my page from tronscan and it’s ready for everyone who would like to “participate” and invest on LNToken.

Here’s the link through which you can click on “participate” button and invest in my LNToken.

Everyone interested in Tron/Trx or Seed, Ante ( that are created by Tronbet and upon them, those who are investing their trx by playing them on tronbet, will receive each day, free trx as a remuneration, based on their antes, as dividents), should create an account on tronscan and vote for super representatives (SR) such as SesameSeed ( who created actually the seed token on the same platform) Crypto_girls, Tronbet and many others …  

As i’ve mentioned before the releasing procedure, LucianNagyToken (LNT) will sustain my Music/Art and also other fellows from the Craft of Music/Art, and as well it will be a major asset to sustain my charity campaigns for Africa.

You can read more details about the charity cause for Uganda from the Past here:

Just scroll the page until it says Our Tribe for Africa and you’ll find infos about the charity campaign for Uganda, even if the sellings of our Tribe single were not so substantial’cause people as we know nowadays are in a statement of ignorance, skepticism and many other states of mind and soul.

Somehow i do hope that through my LNToken i’ll be able to sustain my Art/Music and other fellows from the Craft of Music, and the most important thing will be to be able to gain lots of Tron in exchange for my LNTokens, to be able to support many of the charity causes in Uganda, Nigeria and other places. 

Your support will be much appreciated, so feel free and make the first steps and invest in LNToken

Also, as i’ve encouraged you all to invest in Ante, you can do it through this link: and earn your Tron from the ante dividents.

You’ll invest some Trx but it’s worthing.

I’ve always maintained my point of view with perseverance, that the best investment is in your own ideas/concepts, expecially when it comes to Art/Music.

You can grow in an harmonious way, and learn always new ways to approach your artistic investments ( in my case), no matter if it resumes to start and deal with them, only with the knowledge assimilated from schools that you’ve graduated or the so called school of Life, but also from this new ways that are developing day by day, through the new blockchain system and all the platforms developed on it, such as Steemit, Tronscan.

Now is the time to invest in platforms, such as steemit/tronscan/musicoin/dsound/choon/dtube and other platforms related to this new form of blockchain.

I’m speaking and relate everything to the platforms mentioned above, from a total artistic perspective.

Everyone is free to invest in which platform wants, depending on his call … in my case is for Music, for everything related to Art. 

Hopefully NOW with my new cryptonian artistic creation of my LNToken, i’ll be able to receive sustainment from the SR’s from Tronscan or others, so called bigwhales here on steemit to invest and purchase my LNT, so i’ll be able to sustain my goals in Art, the charity causes for Africa and of course to support the tronscan platform by upvoting the SR’s. 

I do recommend everyone to invest in Tron/Seed/Ante and of course in my LNToken 🙂 I’m curious to see the altruistic part of every person through this investment. 

I’ve forgot to mention that i’ll act almost like an SR, even if i haven’t applied for that on Tronscan, and i’ll offer LNT as dividents for everyone who will invest in more than 1000 LNT on every purchase.

Happy investment in my LNtokens, dear steemians, tronians, cryptonians 🙂