Lucian Nagy Token is launched Tonight

When we understand the meaning and the process of Time, we will succeed always.

Saying this, my Time whispered me that Now would be the perfect Time frame to launch my first token, entitled Lucian Nagy Token.

So, here we are dear tronians, steemians and cryptonians:



I’ve launched my token, having the same design like my Seal.

Now, i would like to describe a little bit’the purpose of my token, that hopefully at one other awesome moment in the futuristic Time Frame, will become a coin.

Lucian Nagy Token ( LNT) will be THE TOKEN created on the awesome Tron platform that will sustain not only my Art/Music, but also other projects of my fellow-artists out there. As we know nowadays how art and music is sustained by the masses, i think that through the new blockchain that grows day by day, people need to start and invest in Music/Art in a different way.

Through LNT i will also sustain, after its conversion through its selling on Tron platform, not only my artistic cause and other musicians/artists out there, but also charity causes, like i’ve tried in the Past through some of my compositions but people didn’t react very optimistic on them.

This Time, maybe the smart cryptonians out there, expecially from the platforms, such as Tronscan, will start to invest in my Token and be part of something that will grow in time and after years when we all will look back, we’ll be proud of the whole sustainment of LNT.

I invite and encourage everyone to create their own Tronscan account/page on the platform, right here: and after that, just freeze some of your Tron and vote for represantatives and start earning dividents through that, but most important thing it will be that you will invest in Lucian Nagy Token (LNT) and sustain the Art/Music.

The price for one LNT will be just 0.33 Trx/Tron

The time frame after the launch will be between 1 year to 2 years. The circulating amount of LNT will be just 33 300 000 LNT.

I’m having a visionary frame that my token will be able to sustain major cause in Africa and other places arround the World, beside my Music and other fellowship artists. 

Hope to see lots of cryptonians investing in LNT. Your support will be much appreciated. What you see NOW will be something historical in years, believe me. 

With friendship, your LN 🙂 

PS: The best part also is to create your tronlink wallet and join the Tronbet platform by registering here: and start earning your ante/dividents, through which you can receive tron/trx daily. The only thing you need to do is to froze all your ante/dividents that you’ll receive from your tron rollings.

Register on the above link and invest in tron. Tron will be one of the major platforms for the new blockchain. Thanks everyone and i’m looking forward to see lots of investors.

You’ll love it, believe me.