Reflections on the Past/ Perspectives for the Future. Happy 2019

While i’m taking a break from composing and also from practicing, for just a small glimpse of Time passage between 2018 to 2019 🙂 i’m just reflecting on my musical ideas and sketches from which some wonderful compositions will take life on the next year, and i think this is the propper athmosphere to retreat and have my inner spectrum of silence to think about everything:


In such an awesome environment i can reflect as well on things from the Past that happened with me, my Life, my musical tours, expecially with my Tribe.

Have you ever thought to visit this page and purchase the single for 10.99 euros and receive as a Gift from our Tribe, the new album entitled, State of Soul … would not be this awesome? If the trend of nowadays is not to be annymore altruist in nature, but, just follow virtual social media that has induced you with fake ideas of how to care for your neighbour, Earth and so on … through ignorance … think again 🙂

You still have two ways, either, you’ll purchase our single composition, either here: or you can visit daily, or from time to time this link and play the same single as many times you can & have the will to do it:

Hard? I don’t think so …

Deep reflections … on the new cryptonian world, new shape that this, so called Earth will become … soon …

In this new Era on which i’m feeling we’re developing its infrastructure more and more, i thought that the best way to invest is in cryptos related to what it’s connected with you … in my case is Music/Art … so here starts my Journey:

In my artistic point of view i think Steemit definetelly is the best platform that exists nowadays in this cryptonian field but related to my creative spectrums i think it is smart enough that i’ve invested in platforms such as musicoin and choon.

I’m here to invite expecially musicians arround steemit to register and to join these two major platforms that will bring joy in their artistis lives, which we know that today are not so funky as it used to be, mostly in every scenarios, and with almost all the musicians i’ve been speaking, they cannot say they have plenty of concerts/films to compose their music and so on … So … dear composers/artists/freelancers … Here are my two safe links throught which i’m inviting you to register and join these 2 amazing platforms and start to earn musicoins and notes coins:

Choon platform:

Musicoin platform:

As i’ve always said and maintained my opinion, this new cryptonian era, expecially in this musical and artistic spectrum, either will re-organize the things, and everyone will understand its own place on this world of art, and a suddenly superstar over the night, without roots, resources of knowledge in music, will know that if they want to become truly commited to this Oath, named Art, then, they should start to practice, learn, or they should leave the space for those, who truly are investing their time into it … other wise everyone thinks it’s a genius 🙂 and i don’t see it this way … hope you’ve got my point of view 😉

Keep in touch with me and whoever wants to collaborate for movie soundtracks/theatre music/ albums of jazz,world-music,blues,funk and anny kind of sub-genre in Music and you can contact me here or the best way through my website:

Happy 2019 steemians, musicians, cryptonians

Friendly, Lucian Nagy