HoHoHo! Happy Holiday Season dear steemians and a Happy Cryptonian Year!


Happy Holiday Season to you steemians,

I’ve thought to share with you two glimpses of some traditional romanian carols on which i’ve composed some parts as well and they’ve became on the existent format. Maybe some of the romanian community from steemit will recognize them, expecially the @steemromania community to whom i’m dedicating these two carols as well and i do hope that everyone will remember those Old Times when Christmas was spent by everyone at our grandparents in villages, where you could still get that idilic spectrum, by seing the smoke coming out from every house chimney, you could taste the traditional meal consisting of smoked sausages, pickles, smoked bacon, cakes, all made by our aunties and grandmothers. Maybe today we still have some little frames in time left or just stored in our memories regarding those Times of our Past, while we’re embracing or not the Future 🙂 where everything, we believe it became interpretated as evolution, and actually by stepping inside of the game of having everything at almost one click distance, we’ve might lost ourselves on this Path 🙂 or not … hopefully … So, all from the steemit planet, i’m wishing you all through my two carols a Happy Holiday Season, a Blessed Christmas along with your Families, and a Happy 2019!

Colindam, Colindam Iarna


Florile Dalbe